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The Shock Doctrine

Title : The Shock Doctrine
Release : 2009
Stars : Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, George W. Bush,
Ddirector : Pihla Viitala,
Genre : Documentary

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Naomi Klein gives a lecture tracing the confluence of ideas about modifying behavior using shock therapy and other sensory deprivation and modifying national economics using the “shock treatment” of Milton Friedman and the Chicago School. She moves chronologically: Pinochet’s Chile, Argentina and its junta, Yeltsin’s Russia, Bush and Bremer’s Iraq. A trumped-up villain provides distraction or rationalization: Marxism, the Falklands, nuclear weapons, terrorists; and, always, there is a great shift of money and power from the many to the few. News footage, a narrator, and talking heads back up Klein’s analysis. She concludes on a note of hope.

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