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The Long Ships

Title : The Long Ships
Release : 1964
Stars : Sidney Poitier, Russ Tamblyn, Richard Widmark, Gordon Jackson,
Ddirector : Omar Sy,
Genre : Adventure, Drama

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There is a legend about a great bell, called “The Mother of Voices,” made of pure gold, three times the size of a man, made by monks many years ago… This is the story told in the marketplace by a Viking called Rolfe. This information finds its way to the Islamic ruler Aly Manush, who is obsessed with finding the bell. But Rolfe claims not to know where the bell is, and escapes, back to his homeland, to convince his father and brother to give him a ship and crew to replace the one he lost – or to help him steal the Death Ship which belongs to the king – because he does know where the bell is…

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