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The Ambushers

Title : The Ambushers
Release : 1967
Stars : Dean Martin, Senta Berger, James Gregory, John Brascia,
Ddirector : Henry Silva,
Genre : Action, Comedy

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Without a doubt, there’s a mole in the secret Intelligence and Counter Espionage agency. Right after the successful launch of the first state-of-the-art USAF flying saucer, the powerful tractor beam of a nefarious criminal organisation forces the experimental vessel to crash-land in the lush Central-American jungles. As a result, having no recollection of the mysterious incident, the amnesiac test pilot, Sheila Sommers, will have to join forces with the spy extraordinaire and suave photographer, Matt Helm, and travel to sun-kissed Acapulco to shed light on this thorny case. Nevertheless, their luxurious Mexican resort is rife with deadly traps and crafty double-agents, bent on stopping the prying intruders. Will Matt and Sheila unearth the dangerous conspiracy? Can they retrieve the top-secret spacecraft?

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