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Scary or Die

Title : Scary or Die
Release : 2012
Stars : Corbin Bleu, Alpha Takahashi, Bill Oberst Jr., Andrew Caldwell,
Ddirector : Michael Wright,
Genre : Horror

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The creation of filmmaker Michael Emanuel, SCARY OR DIE tells five interwoven horror stories that take place in and around the “City of Angels”. A flesh-eating clown desperately trying to protect the person he craves the most, A dirty cop and a hit gone wrong with a vengeful Necromancer, a beautiful but mysterious woman and a lonely man looking for love in all the wrong places, a gruesome blood splattered uprising of Illegal Mexican Zombies, and a Cajun conjure grandfather whose gift of never ending love goes terribly awry…SCARY OR DIE is unique experience in horror filmmaking certain to fulfill all your twisted horror film experience needs.

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