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Rachel and the Stranger

Title : Rachel and the Stranger
Release : 1948
Stars : Robert Mitchum, William Holden, Loretta Young, Tom Tully,
Ddirector : Virginia Madsen,
Genre : Adventure

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David Harvey is a widower with a young son, Davey. They live on an isolated Ohio farm during the pioneer days. He wants his son to be raised in the manner his wife would have wanted – with proper schooling, Bible study and proper manners. Rachel, an indentured servant, is sold to David. David then marries her in order that little Davey would have a mother to properly raise him. David shows no real affection towards Rachel since this is a marriage of convenience. This all changes when Jim, a friend of the family comes for a visit. During his stay, David sees that there is more to Rachel than just being a “bonds woman”, especially when Jim takes a liking to her. This awakens new feelings in David for Rachel.

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