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[PT] The Story of Ruth

Title : [PT] The Story of Ruth
Release : 1960 [PORTUGUESE]
Stars : Charles Horvath, Victor Buono, Peggy Wood, Thayer David,
Ddirector : ,
Genre : Drama, History

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Inspired by the tale from Hebrew scriptures and the Christian Bible, the Moabitess child Ruth is sold to the temple of Chemosh. Years pass and she serves as a priestess to the idol. While arranging a temple ritual, she encounters a Judean family of artisans: Elimelech, his wife Naomi, their sons Chilion and Mahlon, and daughter-in-law Orpah. Ruth is curious about their God, and begins to meet secretly with Mahlon. After tragedy strikes, Ruth follows Naomi and begins a new life in Bethlehem…

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