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Mystery Woman Game Time

Title : Mystery Woman Game Time
Release : 2005
Stars : William Katt, Kellie Martin, Nina Siemaszko, Casey Sander,
Ddirector : Nancy McKeon,
Genre : Mystery

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Bright youngest graduate Randy (Stinky) Lawrence convinces Samantha to promote his brilliant murder video game in the bookstore in exchange for his help in convincing ‘old friend’ Donald Fiske, a celebrated author, to do a signing session there. To Randy’s surprise, it works, but Fiske is poisoned after slipping out angry. Randy is Chief Connors’s only suspect. Despite obvious repeated lies, Samantha sets out to prove his innocence. Fiske’s greedy ex, Jody, pretends to have convinced him to remarry, yet she never even allowed their teenage son Cameron to set foot in Donald’s fine home.

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