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Mr. No Legs

Title : Mr. No Legs
Release : 1978
Stars : Rance Howard, Richard Jaeckel, Jim Kelly, John Agar,
Ddirector : Katie Douglas,
Genre : Action, Drama

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In 1970s Florida, crime boss D’Angelo is smuggling and distributing drugs concealed inside cigars and inside sacks of loose tobacco leaves. His top enforcer is Lou aka ‘Mr. No Legs’. Lou has lost his legs in an accident and uses a wheelchair to get around. However, he is a dangerous man due to his fighting abilities and a pair of shotguns built into his wheelchair armrests. Among the people working for the organization is student Ken Wilson who needs money to pay for his tuition. During a domestic fight with his girlfriend Tina, Ken accidentally kills her. In panic his solicits the aid of the crime outfit he’s working for. The outfit sends two men to take Tina’s body and make it look as if she overdosed. But they kill Ken, fearing that Tina’s disappearance would attract the police’s attention to Ken and eventually to their organization. Nevertheless, Tina’s ‘overdose death’ is investigated by the police. Tina’s brother, Andy, is a drug squad detective. After he is informed of his …

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