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[IT] Zio Gaetano è morto

Title : [IT] Zio Gaetano è morto
Release : 2016 [ITALIAN]
Stars :
Ddirector : Danny Huston,
Genre : Comedy

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Screenplay : boring, predictable, stupid, predictable, boring, predictable, …stupid ?
Cast : some honest actors + a gem ( Libero de Rienzo )
Direction : flat, predictable, boring, …
Title : omg…
Movie poster: it’s a movie spoiler…a picture might have done the job.
Gave the film 3 stars, might have been 2.
Good lord what a work, what a “piece of…art”. It’s really hard to believe how someone with skills, time, money, the hardware and the crew can do such a mess and then release it as a film !!! This…”movie” is not funny, not entertaining, not nice, not…hing ! Someone should be punished for releasing such a cra… film.

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