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[FR] Face au Vide

Title : [FR] Face au Vide
Release : 2020 [FRENCH]
Stars :
Ddirector : Cullen Moss,
Genre : Documentary

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In the collective imagination, mountaineering is seen as an elitist and dangerous activity. When the mainstream press talks about mountaineering, it is generally to relate a drama or an exploit. The mountaineers are then placed in two categories. On the one hand, reckless supermen, engaged in a death struggle with the mountains. On the other, irresponsible unconscious people, that it is too often necessary to get out of a bad patch by mobilizing important means of rescue. But does this negative image of mountaineering match reality ? What if mountaineering had another face, that of a little-known practice, more widespread than one think ? What if mountaineering was not only a matter of supermen, but had also a feminine face ?

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