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Death and Texas

Title : Death and Texas
Release : 2004
Stars : Corbin Bernsen, Susan Egan, Mary Kay Place, Billy Ray Cyrus,
Ddirector : Barry Atsma,
Genre : Comedy

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Dateline # Austin, TX. Barefoot Bobby Briggs, the legendary running back for the Austin Steers was today sentenced to die for his role in the armed robbery/murder at a downtown Stop ‘n Go convenience store… It’s five years later, and Bobby’s appeals have all but run out, and the Austin Steers are – once again – on the march to the Superbowl, with a lock on the playoffs, when their wide receiver has a season ending injury. With their playoff hopes in shambles, the Governor of Texas controversially offers Bobby a furlough # from death row # to help rescue the Steers’ post-season hopes, and even play in the Superbowl. Death & Texas chronicles the bizarre story of Bobby Briggs, whose pro-career was cut short when he was sentenced to die. Guided by implacable anti-death-penalty advocate Marshall Ledger, Bobby plays the only card he has left # his undoubted prowess on the football field. The final days of his appeals to the courts and the Governor play out side-by-side with the Steers’ …

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