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Deadly Dance Mum

Title : Deadly Dance Mum
Release : 2017
Stars : Christina Cox, Beverley Mitchell, Oluniké Adeliyi, Doug Murray,
Ddirector : Hanna Oldenburg,
Genre : Drama

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Lawyer Dean Grayson’s spoiled-rotten, fame-obsessed wife Jeanette is dead-set to force their teen daughter, whom he would allow other choices, to succeed at the dance career she failed to cash in on. Ignoring pre-teen son Jason, Jeanette is ready to ‘walk over corpses’. Blackmailing the ex-con driver Stevie Hernandez to be her henchman, she plans in detail to kidnap the daughter’s actually devoted dance academy rival Melanie to secure a sole prime audition. But her mother Beth Hoyson gets wind of the scheme and fights back, as the police won’t believe her, at least not in time, at their own risk.

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