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[DE] To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale

Title : [DE] To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale
Release : 2005 [GERMAN]
Stars : Eric Clapton,
Ddirector : Nabiha Akkari,
Genre : Documentary

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There’s not really a plot, since this is a Documentary. In my opinion, it’s a very good, very entertaining, documentary of the second half of the 2004 JJ Cale Band tour. I’m Rocky, the piano player in the band. It’s really accurate, factual and honest. Cale has somehow got a reputation as a recluse, which is undeserved. The fact is: he has always avoided fame, since he thinks, correctly, that fame gets in the way of freedom and friendship. For this film, he set that aside and stepped out for his fans and friends. The John Cale I have known since 1957 is the John Cale you will see in this film. Many of the mysteries people have been curious about are made plain, even the true story of where the nickname “JJ” came from (the story in the various “Histories of Rock” is inaccurate). There’s plenty of really good concert footage and some charming episodes of just John, doodling on guitar and singing his songs, in parking lots and back rooms. You will get to know the supporting cast, from …

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