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Dames and Dreams

Title : Dames and Dreams
Release : 1974
Stars : George 'Buck' Flower,
Ddirector : Joaquín Cosio,
Genre : Adventure

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DAMES AND DREAMS tells the story of four beautiful young women who, after meeting a fortune teller at a swanky Hollywood party are foretold of mysterious and action-packed adventures that will have them each either smuggle diamonds, be a vicious con artist, have the love affair of their life or merely take advantage of men with their enchanting good looks. But, will they survive their individual escapade? And, in the end, are things really as they seem? The film portrays women in positions of power, which is truly fitting in 2017 as equality barriers are being advocated and pushed to the limit, and women are winning prizes left, right and center at film festivals and awards ceremonies around the world. It also melds the world of sex and crime by having each women use their arousing ways to take advantage of the situations their are drawn into.

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