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Criminal Intent

Title : Criminal Intent
Release : 2005
Stars : Vanessa Angel, Sebastian Spence, David Palffy, Anne Openshaw,
Ddirector : Stella Stevens,
Genre : Crime

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Although he was the one to make the 911 call alerting the authorities to the situation, high profile businessman Devon Major is charged in the stabbing death of his ex-wife, Angela Major, the two who only recently got divorced. His story is that he received a telephone call from her to visit – he hoping that it was to reconcile – when he found her in her new home with a knife in the abdomen. Devon makes the surprise move of asking Angela’s friend and divorce attorney Susan Grace, a former criminal lawyer, to defend him. His rationale is that he wants her to believe his story and as such when she tells the world of his innocence, it will truly absolve him in the eyes of the world without public skepticism. Although she still does see many of the reasons that Angela divorced him including that he uses his charm on women to do what he wants, Susan does believe him and does agree to defend him, largely to protect Angela’s memory. District Attorney Kirsten Sorensen decides to try the case …

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