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[CN] Fun chin see oi

Title : [CN] Fun chin see oi
Release : 2010 [CN]
Stars :
Ddirector : Jerry Lewis,
Genre : Comedy, Drama

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Reasonably entertaining Chinese “rom com” with a delectably pretty actress or two – depending on your taste. This movie doesn’t aspire to much apart from light hearted entertainment and the occasional funny set up; as its leads are about to be married – but have they finished being naughty just yet…? Anyway, the movie’s not bad, quite watchable, especially one of the girls, whom I found to be most particularly watchable (the one who has a crush the male lead). But by no means is this a serious movie. More like bubble gum for the eyes, to borrow a quotation. It’s really a reasonably humorous , average movie.If you speak Cantonese, you might even enjoy this as a “date” movie. Others, may find that the subtitles require some concentration to follow, that is, if you are even up the the task of taking this movie *that* seriously. Hmmm. Anyway, I’ve little more to say about it, just as you may find upon watching it. In fact, this is about as far from a memorable movie as London is from Hong Kong. But what a deliciously cute, lovely girl… 🙂 A light-hearted, flirty and non too serious 6/10!

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