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China Love

Title : China Love
Release : 2018
Stars :
Ddirector : Polly Draper,
Genre : Documentary

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Just over 40 years ago, marriage in China was arranged by the state. Romantic love was seen as a capitalist concept and was not allowed during this period. Wedding photography (if any at all) consisted of one black and white passport photo of the couple (dressed in Mao- style outfits) as proof of the marriage. Now, China has fallen in love with love and its exploding wedding industry is worth 80 billion dollars, and it is on an upward curve. Pre-wedding photography is one of the most significant and curious parts of the industry. Every couple marrying in China will take part in a pre-wedding shoot. It involves several costume and backdrop changes where you can become a character in any fantasy you choose. For the most exotic lo- cations couples pay up to $250,000 AUD. Pre-wedding photo shoots have become an important national ritual. They are proof of the marriage but now also of love, romance, freedom, status, money and the new China Dream. As an expat living in Shanghai with a long …

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