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12 Hours to Live

Title : 12 Hours to Live
Release : 2006
Stars : Kevin Durand, Kim Coates, Ione Skye, Michael Moriarty,
Ddirector : Gerry Lopez,
Genre : Crime, Drama

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In Belgarde County, in Illinois, the wanted criminal John Carl Lowman runs out of gas in an isolated area; he carjacks a car with a couple and kidnaps the diabetic teenager Amy Kennedy. The FBI Agent Megan Saunders, whose partner and lover was killed by Lowman a couple of years ago in a bank heist, assumes the investigation. She finds out that Amy needs an insulin injection in less than 12 hours, otherwise she will die. However, when her superior arrives he dismisses Megan as she is still haunted by her failure in the past. But she seeks out her absent father to ask for some advice to help her to find Amy.

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